We’ve long carried housemade sausages at Ted’s, but when we added a special Thursday Sausage Sandwich to our menu, they quickly became one of the most popular items we offer! It’s no wonder, since we use the same quality meats you’ll find at our Butcher Counter to create our delicious sausages by hand in-house every week. We only use the shoulder of purebred Heritage hogs combined with savory natural flavorings.

The Sausage Sampler is a perfect way to try our most popular housemade sausages. You'll get (##?) of each, vacuum packed for freshness and ready to freeze or enjoy:

  • Mild Italian – classic fennel-based blend
  • Hot Italian – fennel & hot paprika
  • Bratwurst – savory blend of pork & veal with a smoother grind
  • Pork & Alligator – Cajun flavors with bell peppers

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